Majestic & Merciful: Genesis Part 1

It’s a Monday, people. As far as Mondays go, mine has actually been pretty stellar. Big shoutout to my awesome MIL who watched my kids so I could get things done at home!

While I worked on some of those things, I recited Genesis 1-4 because it’s on the schedule for Monday and to help prepare for this post. Oftentimes when I begin either book, I’ll mix up John and Genesis. Sunday school kids, why do ya think that is? The prize for answering is a Starburst! 😉 Yep, you got it! Both books begin with the same three words:

“In the beginning…”

Immediately we are made to admit we need God to tell us what happened in the beginning because – news flash – we weren’t there! We see God explain that very powerfully to Job in Job 38. And, shocking as it continues to be, we also need Divine revelation to inform us about a great many things we weren’t physically there to witness, such as the fall of mankind into sin and God’s promise of a coming Son Who would crush Satan’s head.

The genesis (puns always intended, my friends) of me wanting to memorize Genesis was a frustration with the common occurrence of Christians doubting literal six day creation, with some attempting to fit modern evolutionary theory into the text in various ways. I don’t really want to get into that too deeply right this moment for reasons that’ll become obvious in a minute, but I will link to this great blog post by Tim Challies for your edification.

As I wrestled with concern over this issue, the Spirit reminded me of what I’d been learning along my Scripture memory and review journey: the best way to deal anything hard in my life was to go to Christ with it. As He is the Word made flesh, He led me to press more into the truth revealed there. So I sought to commit time and effort to memorize and meditate on the creation account as an alternative to dwelling on what I do indeed perceive to be an erroneous interpretation of the Scriptures.

This endeavor has certainly lifted my focus from temporal concerns and pursuits to how majestic and merciful the threefold God truly is. In the next three weeks we’ll marvel at His greatness, grieve over the sinfulness of humankind, and rejoice in the hope found in God’s patience and graciousness. If this blog feels like a broken record where that’s what we do every week, then…mission accomplished! It’s what we need every minute of every day. May He create clean hearts in us that love, worship, and enjoy Him forever.

Be blessed,


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