He is Before all Things: Colossians Part 1

Time for a second post! This is the first of two posts focusing on the book of Colossians. This week I’ll share the story of where I was in life when I committed it to memory and recall God’s great kindness to me! Next week I’ll delve into the rich content of the book and ways I’m continuing to learn from it as I review. Admittedly my writing skills are about as rusty as a tricycle left out during a hurricane, so please bear with my rambling style! (And my cheesy similes).

As I shared in my first post, I began consistently practicing the discipline of Scripture memory and review just days after my son Jude was born. Rewinding a bit (yes, I’m a former Blockbuster member and I miss VHS tapes!) I was greatly influenced by my Mom and Dad in this area. All throughout my time at home we memorized verses, chapters, and epistles together. During that time I was very rebellious towards Christ and His truth. I participated, but my effort was minimal and I didn’t meditate on what we memorized. Despite my unreceptiveness at that time, it’s so heartening to look back and see how God used my parent’s faithful commitment to this discipline to prepare me for what was ahead.

Fast forward to late 2014: Drew and I were newly married and had just welcomed a new baby in our family! When I felt spurred by the Spirit to memorize a book, I flipped my Bible open and chose Colossians. The truths within it were ones I wanted to dwell on more and it was a reasonably short book.

I recall how unnaturally difficult it was to set aside even ten minutes a day to add a phrase from Colossians and go over what I had already memorized. It felt like war – because it was.

In that period of postpartum depression, I was in desperate need of gospel truths to lift my eyes off of my circumstances and ever-changing feelings. I also can firmly attest that the Holy Spirit began demolishing many idols in my heart. To name a few: entertainment, comfort, self-sufficiency, and arrogance.

As He did so I began to hunger and thirst for more of the Word of truth. It was an immature desire that still had many weeds of pride and self-focus growing alongside it. But His divine pruning wasn’t hindered by my sin.

If you are in Christ, that is true of you as well. Don’t give up in your pursuit of abiding in Him – you are secure in His love for you!

Here are some practical resources for memorization I discovered early on in my journey:

This great article –


This app (for iPhone- if you have Android just search the App Store for a memory aid to find what works for you!)

Memorize Anything by Bendy Tree, LLC https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/memorize-anything/id430219093?mt=8

By far the biggest thing to keep in mind is to ask in faith for God to help you love Him more. Guilt and self-driven effort will only get you so far…but divine, Spirit-given love will enable you to do many great things for the Kingdom of God!

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